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A static QR code is when data is directly encoded into the QR code itself and cannot be changed without making a new QR code. You do not need to have Internet access in order to extract information that is encoded in a QR code (if a web link or an email address is encoded, then the device will receive information about what kind of link is encoded. But to go to the link or send an email, it will be necessary to connect to the Internet).
A dynamic QR code is a QR code that only contains a link to the content management page. By and large, it is a kind of static QR code with a link to a web page. Data that is displayed when scanning a dynamic QR code can be changed without the need to alter the QR code itself. When you scan this QR code in order to extract information, it is necessary to be connected to the Internet.
QR codes for business - in business QR codes are used to collect marketing information and data about the place of actual sale of goods, to communicate complete information about the product to the consumer, to protect the product against counterfeiting, in marketing promotions, advertising materials, and logistics.
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Free Static QR code generation

Encode any desired text in the QR code. The text will be displayed on the screen when the QR code is scanned.

Encode your business card in a QR code. Depending on the QR code scanning app that you use, either your contact information will be displayed or the smartphone will offer to add the information to your phone book.

Encode a SMS message in a QR code. The window to send an SMS message will open with the specified text and number of the recipient when the QR code is scanned. (Depends upon the recognition software that is used. Not guaranteed to work on all devices).

Encode an email message in the QR code. The window to send an email message will open with the specified text and email address of the recipient when the QR code is scanned. (Depends upon the recognition software that is used. Not guaranteed to work on all devices).

Encode the password to access your WiFi network in the QR code. When the code is scanned, a network connection wizard with the already filled-in password will open. (Depends upon the recognition software that is used. Not guaranteed to work on all devices).

Encode a link to your website, social networking page, or even a PayPal payment link in a QR code. Your smartphone will open the indicated web address when the QR code is scanned. (Depends upon the recognition software that is used. Not guaranteed to work on all devices).

Free Dynamic QR code generation

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The e-mail address is taken from your social network profile. If no address is published there, then this option is not available. If the address in the profile has been changed, then disable and reenable this option. Please note that messages will be sent from the address noreply@pvcode.com. Scan the QR code yourself and make sure that the message does not end up in your SPAM folder. If necessary, add noreply@pvcode.com to your list of trusted senders.
In order to protect against SPAM, scanned information transmitted by one code from one device may only be processed once every 5 minutes.

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Customization of QR code style

QR code size: x3
Indicates by what factor the basic (minimum possible) QR code image should be magnified. This is important for raster images.
QR code redundancy: x1
Indicates the error correction level that is embedded in the QR code. The higher the number, the greater the probability of obtaining the data from a corrupted QR code, but also the greater the size of the QR code.
Opacity: 1
File format:
PNG - bitmap image. Used in normal situations. May be distorted when scaling.
SVG - vector image. Can be embedded into websites and imported into various vector editors.
EPS - vector image. Used when working in publishing editors (in this version the transparency setting is not processed).

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