QR codes for Brand Protection

The technology offered is based on the creation of secure pages on TrustThisProduct.com for every item of the product manufactured.

You input information about the product into the system: its content, description, usage guidelines, images, etc., as well as unique information for every series of the product: manufacturing date, place of manufacture, series number, expiration date, designation country (in order to limit grey import and re-export). You also input any other information regarding your product that you consider useful while specifying the range (quantity) of serial numbers. The System creates a unique secure web page on the TrustThisProduct.com for every item of your product. The link to this page is placed on the product (on the label or a separate sticker or otherwise). This can be accomplished a number of ways – from simply providing a link to the web page to the utilization of QR codes, RFID tags, NFC, etc., containing the link.

QR codes are the most commonly used option today. Applicable software is free and is used by almost every smartphone, thereby increasing the number of persons potentially able to acquire this information almost up to the number of smartphone users. By default, our system allows you to download a pdf file containing labels with generated QR codes, but other ways of data exchange are also available (downloading the database of links, pictures, etc.).

Customers, when seeing your product in retail stores and after opening the specified web page on their smartphones (by scanning the QR code or just typing in the link), will have the opportunity to obtain full information about the exact product of interest in just a couple of seconds.

QR codes for Brand Protection

In addition to the other information provided on the secure web page at TrustThisProduct.com, customers will be able to see the unique serial number of the product. The customer will then be able to compare the serial number on the product to the number on the web page. The number will be identical. In this manner, the customer can obtain not just extended information concerning the product online, but also confirmation that the information on the web page applies specifically to the exact item of product. As a result, overall customer trust toward your products is improved.

Taking into consideration that our technology is based on the creation of unique secure web pages at TrustThisProduct.com for every item of your product, it makes mass counterfeiting of your brand impossible. It is especially important when you plan to work in growing markets.

We are not talking about 100% protection of your product (the product under your brand) against counterfeiting. Today a guarantee of 100% protection is not possible, but the question is what resources would be required in order to get around the provided protection. You and we share the common goal of implementing protection methods that make getting around the protection economically unsuitable while not representing a significant share of your production costs.

Why it is effective:

Insomuch as every link and every serial number are unique for every piece of product, it is possible to copy such information from one piece of product to another. However, mass application is out of the question since either all product pieces would have identical serial numbers or it would be necessary to have access to all serial numbers of your product and to copy every piece of your product. That would significantly affect the production price of the counterfeits (and is hardly physically possible).

In order to increase the effectiveness of this method when working with single products, we have added an additional box to our Service for inputting the description of your product: it is intended to describe the designated distribution region of the product, the target audience of the product, or the intended distributor of the product. Thus, on account of the individualized information provided, we can limit the retail outlets where the serial number will be effective and, as a result, more effectively protect single products against counterfeiting.

This practice is also helpful in preventing grey imports and re-exports of your products (or for the monitoring of such occurrences).

Thus, you can protect your brand investments more effectively, secure your investments in the development and manufacturing of the product, and create favourable conditions for the increase of sales volume without adding significantly to production costs.

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