TrustThisProduct: Types of QR codes used

QR-code General type

One QR-code for all parts (units) of the product, either promotional material, product, etc.

Advantages of this type of code: ease of application of the product (to be introduced only once in the label design / product packaging this QR-Code).

Disadvantages of this type of code: the inability to specify the specific information for the different parts / product modifications. The lack of mechanisms to protect the product from a counterfeit. The lack of detailed marketing data on the batch.

Buyers of products will be able to:

- instantly, at the point of purchase, obtain complete information about your product (which you specified in the Service).

- give feedback.

- share with "one-click" a description of your product on social media.

- quickly and easily access more information about the product during use of said product (instructions, addresses of service centers).

The manufacturer gets:

- a full information report on the product to the consumer in their own language at the point of sale.

- available feedback from buyers.

- ability to distinguish your product among other similar products.

- retrieve data about the real geographical distribution and the demand for the products or promotional materials.

- reliable marketing information about consumers.

QR-Code Classified type

Creates one QR-code for each batch of product.

Advantages of this type of code: the ability to specify specific information for each batch. Getting separate marketing data for each batch.

Disadvantages of this type of code: it is essential to introduce a new QR-code label design / packaging for each batch of the product.

Buyers of your products will get in addition to the generic code type:

- the specific information relating to a particular party (modification) of your product.

The manufacturer will get in addition to the generic code type:

- specific information for a specific batch (issue date, expiration date, size, and for the circulation in the region in which it is intended).

- personalization batch by specifying for whom it was specifically produced.

- survey of the scanned location of every single batch of the product.

- marketing data for each batch.

QR-code Unique type

One QR-code for each unit of product.

Advantages of this type of code: the protection of the brand, maximum confidence of the buyer.

Disadvantages of this type of code: it is essential to apply different QR-codes for each unit of product (to solve this problem, we have created an opportunity to introduce the label of the product in service for a ready to print file with a set of unique labels).

The buyers of your products will:

- obtain confirmation on the authenticity of the product.

The manufacturer gets:

- product protection against tampering.

- an exceptional way to further distinguish the uniqueness of each individual unit of production.

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